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I am committed to local K-12 and community outreach, sciart, and scicomm.

In our lab group, we have several on-going outreach projects.

K-12 outreach

In 2017, with the help of the SCSE outreach office, we initiated a new program that deploys Earth and Environmental Science outreach kits with customized lesson plans to Duluth area, 4th and 5th grade classrooms. (Links to outreach activities coming soon – check back December 2019, if you would like to use these resources in your classroom, please reach me at lbrengma@d.umn.edu).

Each kit contains: (1) a formal lesson plan, complete with instructions and worksheets for both students and student volunteers / primary instructors, and (2) all materials necessary for the 45-minute, or 90-minute activities. At present, all activities align with Minnesota State Standards for “Rocks and Minerals I and II”, and “Landforms”, and we have built in the possibility for yearly extension or expansion packs to highlight novel regional and global research from our department.


If you walk through Heller Hall you will notice several, large-scale maps that cover the floors. In 2019, we added four new floor maps to include Mercator maps of Venus, Mars, and Moon, as well as a nearly to-scale version of Minnesota’s most visited outcrop – the Soudan Iron formation. The maps provide a unique and engaging way for tours, outreach groups, and students in labs to interact with geologic material.  (*The floor maps were made possible through the vision of Dr. Vicki Hansen (EES) and a collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota, and funding from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences)


We are also working with students in classes (GEOL 2110 Earth History Spring 2019, Spring 2020) as well as with the Earth Science student Club (2019 – present) to update our museum-quality display cases in Heller Hall. The cases present a unique opportunity for students from across campus and public visitors to interact with Earth-Science-focused exhibits, and learn more about the geology and environment science of the region. We plan to involve students from across campus in the project to connect art, design, science, and communication. If you are interested in working with us on this project – please stop by my office in Heller Hall 221 or contact me via email at lbrengma@d.umn.edu. We are looking for students from Earth and Environmental Science, Art and Design, Museum Studies, and Communications (as well as other disciplines!).

Our group is currently recruiting UROPs and undergraduate students to work on any of these projects – please contact me at lbrengma@d.umn.edu, Heller Hall 221, or 1-218-726-7586 if you are interested in joining our team! 

We also offer various field trips throughout the year for different classes, please contact me for details.

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