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Element and Isotope Geochemistry

Controls on quartz precipitation mechanisms and isotope fractionation during diagenesis of Precambrian chemical sedimentary rocks like IF are not well constrained.

Using electron microprobe analyses (@UTK), X-ray diffraction and fluorescence (@UMD), MC-ICP-MS, IRMS (@UWO), and SIMS techniques (@NORDSIMS), we can gather major, trace, and rare earth element data at both the micro and macro scale, in addition to high-resolution in-situ and bulk isotope data to provide new constraints on geochemical and isotopic changes during diagenesis and metamorphism of iron formation and other associated rocks.

Such constraints can then be used to decipher how primary geochemical signatures related to ocean chemistry change over the time frame of deposition.


April 13, 2018


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October 10, 2016

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September 22, 2016

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