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Sedimentology and Petrogenesis

As chemical sedimentary rocks, the primary minerals in BIF are thought to precipitate from seawater, and, if identified, may provide insight into geochemical conditions of Earth’s early oceans where nascent life is hypothesized to have first evolved.

Currently, we are using high-resolution transmitted and reflected light microscopy (@UMD), and secondary electron microscopy (@UMD) to identify and determine textural and mineralogical evidence for early diagenetic reactions in the near un-metamorphosed ~1.9 Ga Biwabik Iron Formation (IF). Such work is a part of a larger project aimed at using petrography and geochemistry to identify primary mineral phases in Precambrian IF.


April 13, 2018


We are happy to have graduate student Jackie Drazan join the lab this…

October 10, 2016

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September 22, 2016

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