Research and Teaching

I teach several core and upper division elective courses for undergraduate and graduate students in our program.

In all of the courses that I am a part of I strive to create a constructive, inclusive environment for each unique learning community. I believe in an active approach to teaching that integrates research and transferable skills into each module.

We routinely collect and analyze samples as a part of class, using geochemical instruments on campus. Interested? Read more information about our Geobiology class here, featured on the cover of Earth Magazine, article begins on p. 28. And check out one of the group research papers where students collected, analyzed, and interpreted their own data as a part of our Geochemistry class.

At UMD, I teach the following courses:

  • EES 2110 Earth History – with lab
  • EES 3420 Sedimentology & Stratigraphy – with lab
  • EES 3540 Geologic field methods (undergraduate)
  • EES 4710 Geochemistry (undergraduate) – with lab
  • EES 5711 Geochemistry (graduate) – with lab
  • EES 4720 Data analysis and visualization (undergraduate)
  • EES 5720 Data analysis and visualization (graduate)
  • EES 4095 Geobiology (undergraduate)
  • EES 5095 Geobiology (graduate)
  • EES 3091/ 4091 / 5091 Independent study
  • EES 3095/ 4095 / 5095 Geologic problems